Our Vision

For a more humane Humanity

Our vision is to see that the seeds that we planted and nourished would, in the future, be trees, mightily standing and deeply rooted, bearing fruits and giving shelter to all living creatures. From nothing comes nothing. But nobility and decency, wisdom and knowledge, righteousness and moral ascendancy, can only result in something beautiful, something so deeply humane, something so wonderfully divine. In the end, all these would lead to that what we ardently and fervently wish: to be able to bring back humaneness to humanity. May the God of this universe remain our sole foundation of strength and determination. Only through godly eyes will we see our role in His creation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to plant and nourish seeds of intellectual competence, a strong ethical and moral awareness, spiritual maturity, nobility and decency, and social sensitivity in the minds and hearts of children. These, our pupils, with constant care and guidance, will be our sole inspiration. In the faces of these children, we see the future; not financial profit.