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Director and Administrator's Welcome

          We began this undertaking as parents. Little did we know that we would end up building a school together. One starts out wanting what is best for his or her child(ren) and, in this endeavor, ends up in places previously unimagined. In our story, the most interesting of parts are in all of the turns we took. We went from living the lives of simple parents to doing our best, upholding the life of educators. Although, we were also the janitors, the cooks, and the security personnel in the first couple of years. We had turned our home into a shared place of learning, facilitated by just the two of us. Later on, it was the school which we ended up calling home. All of a sudden, these two things seemed inseparable. We had flipped our lives over because we wanted to ensure a certain quality of holistic learning and safety was consistently there for our children and, as a result, we ended up sharing this with the individuals who entrusted us with their children during the time. These were the humble beginnings of Blue Danube School.


          Today, the outwardness in our hearts has not ceased to exist nor weakened. The little boys and girls we began teaching in our first years are now in their twenties. There have been many struggles we had to face since the days when they were just two or three years old. Yet, giving up was never a choice. The trust we had received throughout the years has never been taken for granted. We place all of our efforts into serving the community and continuously growing in that regard. By offering a safe, holistic learning experience and showing good virtue in as many ways as we can, we hope to share our vision with everyone someday. If, by our efforts, we can inspire humaneness, then perhaps the seeds we attempt to bury into humanity everyday may have a chance to outgrow all of us. This was and is our dream. We hope to see this through with you.


             For now, welcome!

Prof. Mag. Dr. Alfredo O. Ferrer & Gerlinde M. Ferrer

Meet the Admin

Ms. Melissa

Assistant to the Director

BDS_0889_pp SC.jpg
Ms. Rachel


BDS_0911_pp SC.jpg
Nurse Neth

School Nurse

BDS_0888_pp SC.jpg
Sir Lucas

Associate Administrator

BDS_0914_pp SC.jpg
Ms. Maja

Senior Administrative Assistant

BDS_0892_pp SC.jpg
Ms. Teff

I.T. Head

BDS_0906_pp SC.jpg
Ms. Rochelle

Guidance Counselor

BDS_0899_pp SC.jpg
Ms. Jaz

Human Resource Assistant

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